writing something new

I am scared

As I always am

When I have too

Write some new

Interesting poetry

I’m not quite sure

How to write, exactly,

What I want to say

So you see I am

Not sure, what to do

I’m like a rabbit

Spotted from both sides

By hungry, kill happy

Wolves, whom want to eat

With wide eyes, thinking of

Where to hide,

Running as fast

As I can, so I write

In fright, but when I’m done

I’ll have a place to hide

All I know now is

I am scared

writing some thing new

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Joe you have a great talent,to say you have fear each time you write actually tells me you are a humble person at heart which is great,we all go through the thing of will this latest piece be good,what makes it good,will others like it,do I care in reality if they do or not and if I do care,what can I do to make it make me happy so I will make them happy when they read it...