When You Have It In You

When you have it in you

It's deeper than your heart

It's cemented in your soul

Without it, something's missing

You don't feel complete,

you are not quite whole

You work your whole life

to achieve your own voice

You scream and shout

People hear you but you're,

just too loud,turn it down,

use the devices you've been taught

In your head you scream, I write for myself

For you nothing, for you I do not

Without something to write down,

love turns into an all out obsession

To express what's on your chest,

like no one else before you

because no one else

can express exactly what you felt

You don't go to sleep or

leave where you are until you do

People can tell it's in your heart

You truly have a passion and love for the art

It's like your second spouse

it's another piece of who you are

This is how you truly feel,

when you have it in you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love this stuff

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Jennifer Leary's picture

The line length makes this poem look choppy, with some long lines and some short. Punctuation is completely lacking. And I personally like it when titles are formatted well, using capitol letters where needed. This poem really speaks to the reader. I can't say anything beyond formatting. You truly do have your own voice. ^.^