Our HighSchool Graduation

Our HighSchool Graduation

day, something both of us

thought may never come

somethings we've both

been through we're not

our faults or in any

way in our control

other things however

looking back were

just plain dumb

not so much rob

but myself, when

I was younger

I had no understanding

or care for my health

getting into a fight

kids were twice my size

stupid, no my ego

was at stake, how

ignorant was I,

I didn't even realize

looking back now,

I survived but how,

At least during school

rob was there, to protect

some scrawny fool

however after class

that kid, not me, had

to protect his own ass

it's a miracle that on

six nine-teen ninty-nine

the two of us

turned out just fine

and so we took it, all in,

patiently waiting,

for our futures to begin

As our names were called

loved ones and strangers

hooted and hallered

As we each walked

to the end of an

Interesting Journey

I bet no one appreciated

it any more than me

to get the chance

to walk those last few feet

I love you Rob

We made it to

Our HighSchool Graduation

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