Jack be nimble Jack be quick

jack be nimble, jack be quick

jill got on hands and knees

to take in jack's dick

as he started to pound her

jill only became louder

jack asked jill for something sick

but she obliged to get fucked by his wonderful dick

even thou they were only on their first date

she gave him the ok

to fuck her in the ass

as jacks balls slapped against her buns

anal sex was over before it really begun

and so jack shot his blast

to let jill know he was done

as quick as it started

he was gone just as fast

it was all good cause both had their fun

but now that it was over jill was alone and began to wonder

were we now going steady or did he just lay me

dont hate jack cause he's slick

after all,

jack be nimble, jack be quick

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