The softer side

I'm lucky enough

that when times were tough

to have always had

Support from Joe and nan

now I want it to end

I need to cut this chord

The same goes for aunt Dee, uncle Bill

They know my struggles

They all know I'm strong willed

Thank you, for always,

showing me you care

Thank you, for showing me,

you'll always be there

but I need to cut this chord

dear mom thanks for

showing me how to be strong

for teaching me right from wrong

you taught me at an early age

cause, you knew the time to come

to drop me off, to let go

you had faith, I'd be able

everyone made sure, I was capable

I took control, my life had truly become mine

thank you all, when I was alone,

I had learned and had grown

when I returned

I'd come into my own

some thing I need to show

supporting myself is

something that I will

yeah, sure I am afraid

but if I try my best

I believe I'll be ok

I'm lucky enough

that when times were tough

to have always had


Author's Notes/Comments: 

dear Jen, I love you and hope to take things at your pace and show you that your reality is better than your dreams

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daydreamer's picture

Pike so glad to hear your positive message in this poem.Don't be too quick to fall in love angain. Family will always play a role in your life, but life is so much sweeter when you can share things with someone special*

Jennifer Leary's picture

Don't worry, Joe. I will be your support from now on. I hope I can make your reality better than anything you might have dreamed too. I love you, Joe.