Stressed Out.......

I'm so fucking stressed out

honestly, I don't even care anymore

about the things I'm supposed to worry about

Tomoorw will be alot harder than today

for that i have no doubt

when you tell me about the obvious

and try to tell me things i already know

that does nothing but get me so pissed

i would love to go into a rage with you in a cage

with nothing more than our bare fists

i'm so stressed from trying my honest best

and the look in your eyes

causes the feelings i must confess

i stay awake afraid of the bed i've made

unsure of the consequences

that will come from the cards i've played

i cant sleep well with

your nagging voices in the back of my mind

your always telling me how far i've gone

that's just because of what you've done i'm so far beyond

with tomorrow unsecure i'm unsure of why i'm putting myself through this for

all i know is i'm so fucking stressed out

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As I sit here in my college dorm room I wonder about my future and it scares me

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