so deep

The softer side

so deep

are the thoughts of you

no matter what i do

I can't delete them

from my memory

so deep

are the good and the bad

the memories,the experiences

we have had

I still and always will

wish you the best

hope that every one

of your dreams come true

I still hope that

your reality will be

so much more than your dreams

could ever be possibly

I wrote this today to let you know

I wish you nothing but the best

Author's Notes/Comments: 

if you read this please comment on it, I hope you like this poem, I cant forget you and the time we had together our time together is so deep in my memory its there for good

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amberspoetry's picture

Really well written. Loved it. No matter how hurt you are by someone, sometimes you can't help but still love them.

poetrylvr's picture

You have so much emotion in your poems. It's true that all we meet touch our lives in one way or another. It seems you were really hurt, yet wish the individual well. Don't misunderstand, but it seems there must be someone out there,to help delete the painful memories or at least create new happier ones.

daydreamer's picture

WOW..This person must have really touched your life..Loved your poem~