Time and Tears

I put my time and tears into you

I pushed my friends and family away for you

Now you've tossed me aside

I feel like a part of myself has died

I don't regret a thing that I did

I'll always remember you hanging up on me

when I was sharing my emotions with you

now I have to cover up the wound

I feel like I was used

your actions justify the way I feel

with two months of no communication

at night it was hard to sleep with all of my frustration

I think you will eventually forget me now that everything is through

I hope you do remember me because

I put my time and tears into you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope you feel my emotions through this poem,

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susiemayee's picture

i felt every emotion in this

i felt every emotion in this poem. nice job

Just Smile :D

violettesmommy's picture

your poem

I felt the emotions in this poem joe

Greg Lee's picture

Oh my gosh! I love this place so much! I read 4 poems today, including this one, from this website and i get chills every time. Now, YOU are a remarkable poet. I felt, if only for a moment, that i was the speaker, and OH, i felt it so sincerely.. that i was the speaker. It almost made me cry. Now that's how you know what good poetry is. And i must say, when i read those last 2 lines. I about jumped off my chair it was so good. "I hop you do remember me because i put my time and tears into you" I imagine you felt pretty good reading those 2 lines to yourself, and you have right to. Those 2 lines.. okay.. i'll stop talking about those lines now!! hehe, your amazing.. Good job man.. If you ever need someone to talk to, just give me an email, okay? thanks a lot bye