Walking around Edaville Railroad

I should walk around Edaville Railroad 

Maybe then I'll find a new road

We all have that one friend

In a crowd they still feel alone

This one friend is our personal 

Clockwork dependable

Surgeon level, precision sewing kit

Always willing to mend our bleeding heart

That one friend forever loyal

holding onto times when we were a kid

No matter how badly the adult is injured

Women are their own manager 

Women like to be understood

Women need to feel, they're in control 

Giving you the access key to that previously

locked part of her protected heart

A deep understanding 

Without a spoken word between you two

it's understood how, 

A relationship on any level 

Isn't too far apart from the depths of each other's heart. 

Excuse me, I need to clear my head 

I should go walk around Edaville Railroad

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