Your eyes, for better or worse let you communicate

Your eyes, for better or worse let you communicate 

Your eyes, reveal what's in your heart and on your mind

No one knows everything about what's behind your eyes 

sometimes it takes the written word for them to realize 

With each failed relationship a part of us dies, 

when you feel you're not worth repairing,

open your eyes, you may be surprised 

to see whose still caring 

They'll ask, what state are you in? how are you faring?

Elders must understand some of a different generation, have the mind frame,

this life is about walking your own lonely, misunderstood road 

Not everyone in every family will live by following, what they've been told 

Experiences undeniably reshape us or directly cause a change,

at the time the reasons are unknown, 

this change is a must 

Whatever you have gone through only you know how each experience altered you

Daily life, no one can hide from this potential problem 

If your conundrum is complex like a rubik's cube,

maybe your acquaintances can solve them

However we're currently feeling 

weather we're aggressive or reeling 

Your eyes, for better or worse let you communicate

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