I currently hate life

I currently hate life

you know what's funny?

Disney makes billions in cash every year 

yet they lied to you and  me.

I've never met a princess 

just two faced females,

masters of causing stress

Never help her recover,

she'll only dispose of you and find a new lover

For her stability, she'll take all the credit, 

the reward you receive for your good deeds

homelessness and never ending regret

You're only loved with a big bank account,

is that today's reality? My life experiences left no doubt

You can relax while your bitch hussles 

all you need is a third leg and big muscles

How am I supposed to raise my son

when I know some dog will chew him up for fun?

I'm getting divorced, left for dead of course, 

I can't be the only guy 

that fell for a woman acting sly

I currently hate life

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More Men

Are rasing their kids. Sacrifce is the rule - I raised an MD - Columbia U with no mate to help. The future means do both mom and dad, time to re-read aloud Seuss and how to bake homemade cookies. No new car or shoes for a while, live on giggles and smiles. All females are different. Kids are great! Reward is mentorng next u. s. Senator or governor. Set bar high you are head of household now and for next 17-25 years! Suit up! Break several class barriers.





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A story etched in the annals of time.

Sadly you are not unique.

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Is this what you meant to say?

Did you mean to say, I am far from the only one with this reality?

Positively affecting others is the best way to be infectus 

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I said it poeticly