New aged Edgar Allen Poe

She always thought she was quick witted,

Nope, but she let anyone hit it

occasionally, she'd act like she was all that

Again, nope, but she likes getting fucked

with man meat baseball bat

she also thought she was sarcastic

bitch please, her vagina is a stretched out elastic,

I don't know what's got into me, recently I'm ornery

Eventually even my family will know to bow down to me

Writing sets me free in a way

Allowing me to say what I've got to say

I'm hoping to one day stand out

a new age Edgar Allen Poe, no doubt

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Not sure what the second line

Not sure what the second line means, grammatically.  


[* /+/ ^]

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I fixed the second line

I fixed the second line, hopefully it makes sense now

Positively affecting others is the best way to be infectus 

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The line makes sense now.

The line makes sense now.


[* /+/ ^]