When she told me she was pregnant

When she told me she was pregnant

my response was my life is over

Because my past selfish ways

had now seen their better days

I had to improve on who I was

I wanted to be the man my boy looked up too

no longer was I focused on the miserable husband

because of what she had put me through

we both wanted out, there's no doubt

but we both had to put that aside and somehow be a team

our communication had already broken down

behind closed doors we were nothing like what we seemed publicly

soon now to be no longer legally together

Over time, I'm sure I'll turn out much better off

she'll never admit to doing any wrong

always singing the I'm a victim song

no one with a brain will believe her for long

For my kid, I'll give my absolute best, from now on

for him, I'll be doing all I can,

it's because of him, I want to be a better man

Looking back on how my life has changed

including how my priorities have been rearranged

Things in my life undeniably started to shift

when she told me she was pregnant

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