I told you so

I can't wait to say I told you so

While facing my share of adversity

I've overcame them all

My back has been against the wall

My back has been on the ground

I've always answered the call

I've never stayed down, I'm warrior

our one life isn't a game

Your results are yours ultimately

There's no one to blame

Now, you're looking down on me

In this world nothing is free

when we face a life test

we learn who we truly are

Despite what we're told about life's challenges 

Finding a way to survive the bumpy road

Who really does listen

It's only when we're truly focused on a mission

When we're alone with our inner voices

We truly realize the repercussions of our lives choices

We learn who does and doesn't have a solid backbone

The obvious challenge in front of me

is to become an example of the man I want Josh to be

Despite all the stupid shit I put myself through

I'll make a full recovery

I can't wait to Say I told you so

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