39 and looking ahead

I'm now 39

Things are getting harder to achieve

To me, that's just fine

My enemies

Undoubtedly believe

There's no doubt

Joe Pike will figure it out

Show me an obstacle

I'll show you a way how to face it 

head on

After that, still standing tall

Asking what's next? What now?

Life has a daily to do list

Which you'll struggle but accomplish

While your enemies

Cower and diminish

My ex-wife's hold on me, has been relinquish

All next year is going to be a grind

I'm aging like wine

Very few can touch me

There's very few of my kind

We walk around, head up, never down

Yet our feet are on the ground

Taking care of our family, diet and health

Through daily work

We create a modest wealth

Things have changed

I was the best man at his wedding, 

he's now a stranger, his opinion I'm not sweating

She left me behind

Tossed me aside for some guy with muscles 

because of her 

for a brief time I was homeless

They both lack hussle 

I haven't seen my son in a long time

It was their choice to hit me with a restraining order

The accusations are hot air, 

in this world nothing's fair

They'll see, I'll get everything back

After what she blatantly did to me

She'll soon be suffering

Without friends and family

Good luck recovering

I'm well aware, I'm older,

life experiences have made

my heart a few degrees colder

With determination and discipline,

I'll be the one ultimately winning

Despite the undeniable fact

I'm now 39

Things are getting harder to achieve

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