Lust and the marriage game

I'll gladly show you were my dick is

It may not be as big as his

But unlike him, look at what mine did

We made a kid

He may be your current favorite chew toy

Or your dream muscled up boy

I'm all done playing coy

ultimately one day you'll clearly see

Meathead never had, anything on me

I don't know what he convinced you, he'd be

But you feel for it

Now facing irreversible eviction

not to mention, family rejection

You're a stupid shit

I stopped trying to figure out,

what the hell was she thinking

Which immediately helped me, control my drinking

Even years after experiencing my talented tongue

My praises will be sung

You'll be able to say without lying

I know a guy who made me cum so strongly 

I felt like I was dying

Yes, that was a sex based poem

Now here's part two

Our marriage came to an abrupt holt

According to you nothing was ever your fault

I didn't marry myself

For years, we had obvious problems

Alcohol, surely wasn't going to solve 'em

I didn't always go to the bar to watch the game

Sometimes, I went to hide

I worked so hard and focused on bills 

to keep us afloat

With your battle ready katana

You intentionally punctured our boat

You were picked up by what looked like a yacht 

But was really a dingy

Now you're without money and sinking,

Now, forced to deal with what you got

Even your dingy is starting to rot

Some problems you can't escape

Some wounds can't be healed

Ultimately, the truth always gets revealed

Some things can't be fixed with duct tape