I need my father

I was only allowed to meet John

right before he was gone.

Always wondering honestly,

What did I do wrong?

I love you daddy

Only came out of my mouth

One night only, sadly

After seeing him face to face

In that hospital bed

Desperately, trying to connect

with a man, soon to be dead.

Yeah, I'll visit your grave,

But it's your hugs and voice I crave

Our future's are unknown

I pray to see Joshua all grown

He won't feel what I felt

Growing up, feeling alone

Hearing John's voice

My heart and spirit melt

I can't stand Kim's side

I'm unsure if dad's side

Is down with me

On this very bumpy ride

Only time will tell

Getting divorced

Child custody is hell

She don't want me involved

Can't wait for divorce to be solved

That's what I'm going through

What about all of you?

I could really use my dad right now

Besides prayer, I don't know how

I was only allowed to meet John, right before he was gone.

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    compelling... a very



compelling... a very generous sharing of an intense experience...

imho your connection with your father is beyond time... eternal