Every time I picked up the bottle

Every time I'd pick up the bottle, 

my wife and I would go at it. 

It was like someone rung the bell. Our words are weapons and I was going full throttle. I drank with my demons, like they were my only friends. I was suffering in my own hell. I always made an asshole of myself. To make matters worse, I wasn't just endangering my own health. I hurt my family as a whole. With too much  beer, out went any sense of fear. I knew I needed out of here. No my marriage but my own problems and how I alone couldn't solve them. I've recently put down the drink, doing so gave me clarity and time to think. Those problems weren't really problems, just evil voices in my head, that somehow are now dead. I guess I've recently put Pike to bed. That guy would always pick a fight and drink like a fish until he blacked out, almost wound up dead. I guess I killed the guy I was, Every time I picked up the bottle. With the love and undying support

From my wife and kids. They convinced me, I'm a good dad and husband, completely capable while stable to hold down the fort. Thank you my loved ones for helping me kill that guy I used to be, every time I picked up the bottle. ”

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