My father’s home theater

A few years ago, my father and I wanted to get a CD player, in the time regular CDs were the ultimate frontier of technology. We wanted it to be special; something we could say was ours, custom, not only out of the box. So we thought about getting something that didn’t get obsolete too soon, something we can upgrade on our own instead of buying a whole new each time technology changed. We first bought the core piece; it was a nicely black colored box with FM and AM radio, Tape recorder and a CD player with a space to fill in with a bunch of CD, just as if it was a jukebox. Then we wanted to make it better, we bought several big speakers so it had a clearly nice sound, there were five. And then again, we wanted to do better, and made the Television and the VCR to get connected to the audio player, so we could watch movies and have a better audio. When the DVD came out, we did bought one and connected it too. We even set the speakers as a surround audio system; it took us about a week to finish wiring the room to distribute the speakers through the whole room. But we had a lot of fun while we did the setup, we shared that time together. Now that the setup is complete, my family and I spend our weekends watching movies or television series. Since we completed it, we have seen at least a hundred movies together. We all join on the hall to watch a new episode of our favorite show every week. Just like some families get together during the dinner, we also do in front of  TV; we all relax, forget about any trouble and share a time together. When I get a house and family of my own, I will also build my own home theater. I will ask my son to help me build it,  so I can teach him all what I know about electronics and we can spend time together, just like my father did. Then, each time we sit together in front of the TV, he will remember the fun we had when we worked in the project; just like I do remember each time my father and I enjoy the experience of our home theather. (401 words)

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