Matrimony of war and peace

One’s a mutineer, other’s a victim of javelin

A dalliance,

Modern day Romeo and Juliet

Babe in the woods taking the path of due process

Insurgent’s ideology in fullness

Adulteration of lad in legion

Forging corrupt minds in every nation

Peace got drown by its own peacefulness

Watching monodrama at the center stage

Whose penumbra is a disgrace

Glimpse of future; blaze in its face

Centre stage, now a cockpit

Lover’s quarrel, a mismatched lover

Blunder everywhere

Bloodshed all over

Farewell hypocrite lover

Heroine’s dexterity unravel

Humanity bury the hatchet in thy bosom

Lagoon of all emotion


(© Mayhem in Peace; the Dalliance)

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