Nocturnes: Theologian's Frightened Free Verse In Panic Mode

What if we were really created

with free will and moral choice

simply to see how far we could

sink ourselves into the depths

of the most disgusting sins,

the most heinous behavior,

the greatest hatred toward our

compaions---both known and unknown;

unable to keep our dirty and dirtying

hands off the neighbor's spouse, children,

properties, reputation, rights and privileges;

unable to keep our eager and unreplenishing

hands off the scarce resources this planet

once provided, gladly, for our borrowing.


What if only one person needs realize this

to trigger the great Disconsistance,

the loosening of every atom from its bonds;

you remember, it was proposed in that paper

that Doctor Kleevie Reykjavic

read here on campus just before they

bestowed the prize so dear to his heart.

What if this Disconsistance is, in

the unrefined tongue's parlance, "closing up shop?"

What if this Disconsistance has been

waiting for us to reach the absolute bottoming out?


That low, rhythmic rumble, that sinister, dancing glow

on the edge of all our horizons,

and stars already mssing from this random night's sky  . . .



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Thank you.  Being a fat man,

Thank you.  Being a fat man, I do not do well with sweaters, but I appeciate the metaphor and take it as quite a compliment from you, sir.


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