Obliquities: Young Student's Marginal Notes

Fourteen millenia before this poetry
was footnoted,  post-terran, Externality
established its far-flung, much-flawed  hegemony
(much-flawed because enacted by humanity---
Founders with genetic originality;
and---altered by post-terran worlds' hostility,

called, for lack of a better term, alternity---

mutated humans, impure genetically).
Historic incidents in their random profusion---

vast sweep of many eras and of many times,

mostly in iambic contours and some coy rhymes
gather with care, and with a poet's clarity,
tell of its commencement and of its conclusion.

To the farthest stars from old earth's primal hutches

(an ambition many apathetic peers despise),

his poems are safe in my seven, six fingered clutches,

to open, like treasures, before my eager three eyes.

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