Footnote: Late Friday Evening, Summer, 1974

[after Genesis 1:14]


Silent in space, stars

mark signs and seasons for us,

Stars' beauty inspires

our poems.  Stars bear witness to

Christ---their Creator and ours.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

On a late Friday night, well after midnight, in the summer of 1974 (the month, I think, was July), I heard a gentle voice say to me, "Come out here."  I rose, walked through the house, unlocked the front door and left myself out.  My parents, who had been disturbed by some noise I made, found me standing in the driveway, staring intently at the sky full of stars with not a cloud in sight; totally clear sight.  Their words---"Get in here"---with their usual lack of eloquence broke my revery.  I walked indoors right past them and said nothing.  My mother muttered about catching cold, as I had stepped outside barefoot; my father complained about the lateness of the hour and the loss of a few moments' sleep.  The next day, Saturday morning, at breakfast, they continued to berate me and to inquire exactly why I had gone out.  Unwilling to be mocked or belittled, I simply explained it as "sleepwalking," and felt no need to disclose what I had heard.  The summer of 1974 was a prelude to my escape from the shadow of Lloyd and Betty, and the construction of my own personality.  The process accelerated in 1975 and fully blossomed in 1976, reaching its full peak in December, 1976, during Christmas break from college when, with a sense of great relief and independence, I realized that my c.b. handle said more about me than my mundane name.  But, I realize now, the first stirring was that summer Friday night in 1974.  I thank the Lord for it and, though I have been verbose, I offer testimony to it here. 

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