Reply To Patrick H---, Psychopath, Torturer, Murderer

[a fanfic]


Your groveling began poorly,

and the tearful, snotdripping hysteria

you have now commenced is unbecoming.


Did that puppy have a chance to plead?

Oh yes, I know what you did with that

abandoned refridgerator.


Who could torture a puppy?

And some family's beloved pet?


Yes, admit you cannot help it.

Admit you are driven, a psychopath,

by a need to bring slow death through torture,

beginning with small animals first.


A gutless psychopath may need to practice

on animals that cannot comprehend their own suffering.

Avengers do not need to practice.

We can step right in, ad hoc.


Our methods require foresight and balance---

so that the damage to your flesh

(the slow, and drawn out-damage)

does not shove you into unconsciousness.

What anguish, what torment, what agony

is experienced by unconsciousness.


The puppy you suffocated in that refridgerator

had no hope (you said once, "Not the slighest damn chance")

of mercy from you.

I promise, by all the tortures I have designed for you,

you do not have the slightest chance either---

the slightest chance of not being damned.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fanfic, a response to a charcter in Stephen King's novel, It.  Because of the puppy passage, I will not read the novel again (and I am told I am not alone in this).  The entire poem is fictional.  

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