July 9th, 1976, An Independence Day

My seventeen years' past landscape was not that pretty:

bullies in school; then shadows of LLoyd and Betty

at home enforcing shades of their conformity.

But on July 9th, '76, my first C.B.,

purchased that night, discounted quite affordably,

declared an end to the homeplace captivity.

Then to a greater path I was brought, newly free,

to find that early, downhome Christianity,

and (sometime in that process) my identity.





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My brother had a police

My brother had a police scanner and would call the house nearest the distrubance for an eye's on view. What was ypur handle? :)



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First, I apologize for the

First, I apologize for the typo in the last line . . . I have fixed it.


My handle was Starwatcher, which came to me on the second evening of having the CB, Saturday July 10th, 1976.  The liberation, from the shadow of Lloyd and Betty, offered by that handle was, to say the least, intoxicating.  Starwatcher expressed everything, on the CB and off, that my mundane self, the son of my parents, was forbidden in those days.



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I have Typos All Over The Site

Too close to the text, you can't see it while exploring other things like punctution and grammar, tone, balance, cadence, line lengths. That's why editors were invented, Starwatcher. - slc



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That's true.  I am about to

That's true.  I am about to attempt a scary poem,  not very long, and I wonder if the typos will be worse, lol.