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I became a Baptist Christian on January 9, 1994; was baptized a week later on the 16th; and, on July 16th of that year, was called to write poetry, after having pursued this vocation, without production, since October 13, 1975.

Those poem titles preceded by + or by /+/,; or those poems beginning, alphabetically, with the letters "T" through "Z" represent my primary poems, those most important to my collection of poetry.

My pen name is derived from the date on which I got saved as a Christian and Baptist. The name signed to my Tanka and Haiku is Kyakuchuu, which, in Japanese, means "footnote."

At the bottom of most of the poems is a word that designates what collection it goes into: "Starward"; "Kyakuchuu"; "Jan9thxciv"; or, if a specific word is absent from the bottom of the poem, "Other Poems."

A good many of these poems would not exist without the Baptist saints, and beloved friends, of C.B. Channel 22, who gave me the privilege of their company, acceptance, advice, and encouragement---when these emotions were seemingly (and, to me, really) absent among my own family---during the period July 9, 1976 through spring break of 1977. The time described in dates may seem like a brief period only; but, from the lasting impact upon my life, it was very profound and a great spiritual gift, for among them I first witnessed the Baptist joy of the born again. Among them, I was able to shed my mundane identity to be known as Starwatcher; which evolved, once saved and baptized in the Baptist faith, to Jan9thxciv.

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Completing this now, fifteen years after joining postpoems. I cannot describe it, because I can no longer see it directly, being a fat man. And if I look in the mirror, Lady Certainly may think I am admiring myself in a fit of carnal pride, and she will perhaps want to have me expelled from the Church. So I cannot take that chance.

[This is written in humor: Lady Certainly is not at all that intolerant.]

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''. .. that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things . . .'' --- The Apostle Saint Paul, Epistle To Titus 2:10

"Writing little spirit pieces, repetition/circulation in theme, word, and image. . . ." Gila Mon, Poet, Payson Arizona. from his blog, Dreaming In Satellite. [In forty-four years of reading poetry, as of 2017, I have never found a better description of poetry and poems.]

"I venture to suggest that the more orthodox is a writer’s theology, the more convincing, as symbols and allegories, his uncanny tales will be." Russell Kirk, "A Cautionary Note On The Ghostly Tale"

". . . while carefully reading the text of the narratives, the writer earnestly endeavored to realize the persons and circumstances presented; to place himself in thought beside Peter, John, and Paul; Stephen and Philip; Cornelius and Lydia; and so to view the wonders which surrounded them. For himself he may truly say that such efforts have always tended, under God's blessing, to guide the eye of faith directly to Him "who is our hope"; and his only desire in offering these pieces to the reader is to aid, in however slight a measure, others also to look thither with increasing clearness and assurance."
---H. C. G. Moule, Preface to Poems on subjects selected from the Acts of the Apostles, vi.


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