The Philadelphia Confession [Redux]

[1 Peter 3:15b]


(in memory  of those brethren who framed
The Philadelphia Confession,  foremost expression
---and landmark--- of the

American Baptist faith and heritage)


Through common words preserved upon its pages,
they minister to us across the ages.

Their testimony, wrought in purity,
is---of itself---a spiritual poetry,

still speaking, while the world's foul envy rages.


From another time,
its words convey their voices,
spiritually. Hence, my soul rejoices
to celebrate their faith in rhyme.
They sought the old paths and good way,
beyond the world's confusing fray
(so full of lairs and lurches,
both highbrow and uncouth).
They sought the Spirit and the Truth
to constitute American Baptist churches.
That testimony's full, lasting expression
can be read in the Philadelphia Confession.


The Philadelphia Confession testifies
to what we celebrate on each July's
Fourth day---splendid Christian democracy
under the Lord of all of History. 

In this land, Baptist Churches' dignity

stands over and above the perfidy

of sin and worldliness than cannot trample

the lasting splendor of their faith's example.



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