The King James Version [Redux]

Upon its lovely and beloved pages
is testimony to outlast the ages,
more wisdom than is known to pagan sages,
and Grace's plan, revealed in gradual stages.
Its truth contains the best of moral gauges.
Against all that, the devil wildly rages,
and some men---whose small minds are rattled cages.


Four Gospels and the Acts are history.
All the epistles trace church polity.
The Revelation sets forth prophecy.
These, to the English-speaking, perfectly
speak through the King James Version's prosody.


Great statues make fine perches for wild birds,
and corpses rot in ornate sepulchers.
Remembrance temporarily confers
its effort, but, too soon, some generation
forgets the facts; or misinterpretation
(sometimes deliberate) subtly inures
them. So the world moves on. But on the pages
of Holy Scripture---the King James translation---,
we read of Christ's church:  glory of the ages,
and how the Gospel came (in steady stages)
to every land, starting from Galilee.
From those first Christians' writings, History
reveals our greatest heritage to be
our Baptist faith on Apostolic words.



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