+ 27.225 MHz 034: To Those Who Bullied Me In Junior High, 1970-72

"Fairy Jerry," you called me;

your efforts displayed your spiritual entropy
often shouted, or whispered to be overheard:
despite that, I have posted my poetry,
signed with this appellation---Starward.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Jeiel," which in American pronounciation, phonetically, sounds like "J L" (my given initials) means "carried away by God" (like in the rapture).

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And i for one, am very glad

And i for one, am very glad you did! Why are people cold, even cruel, to those different from anything they know? Is it fear? Fear is the opposite of love.

Blessings to you, dear poet.

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Thank you for those words.  I

Thank you for those words.  I never did figure out why those bullies picked on me, except that I was a runt, awkward with girls, and passionately interested in theology and literature---not the usual interests in junior high.  But it was not as bad as every present, implied, and often verbally expressed disapproval of my parents, and their mockery of so many things that interested me.