To My Niece, About Her Color Guard Practice In High School

With four of your closest friends
all of them curvacious like you;
clad in long-sleeved white shirts, and
baggy, dark slacks; and eagerly
(with no regard to fashionable conventions), 


you practiced a choreography,
synchronized and precisely timed
in unison and variation;
while the long grass enjoyed
the gentle glide of those ten soles,
and fifty toes to tickle and kiss,
until the silent surge of release
of chlorophyl to stain their dancing feet: 


five beautiful stars in moving constellations.





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I'm loving this. You spun

I'm loving this. You spun something special here--inventive wordplay, delightful images and a splash of humor. Good stuff. 

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Thank you very much.  Their

Thank you very much.  Their beauty seemed such as worthy to be preserved in poetry.