ReConfigured: Poem After One Of Cavafy's

The mirror is always honest,
and to you it will not lie;
and neither do I.
In this private love-shrine of ours,
yours is the only shape that matters---
with no regard to fashion magazines;
yours is the only satiety I serve. 


Let your fingers run through your long, blue hair;
until they begin to caress your bare curves,
moving, slowly, toward your nylon knee-highs---
more tan than your flesh, and mostly sheer.
Giggle as you wiggle those
reinforced toes;
opaque and very soft there---
as yours curious fingertips, again, discover.
Flex your feet leisurely and admire
the beauty of naked curves and knee-highs.


No lie
will emerge from the mirror,
nor from my lips.
The mirror loves to watch you,
and to reflect on you repeatedly . . .


and so do I.




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patriciajj's picture

A torrent of dreamy romance

A torrent of dreamy romance and a celebration of beauty. I love the idea of her captivating features being simultaneously admired by the mirror and your eyes. The eloquent, soft landing at the end was truly inspired. 

Starward's picture

Thank you so very much.  Your

Thank you so very much.  Your comments always make me feel better about my poems.