ReConfigured: Poem With Mixed Metaphors; Or, Angling Botanized [Mature]

Her naked curves
and fishnet knee-highs
troll for my desires---
and that lake is well stocked.
Her teasing reels me in---
no reason to struggle to escape.
Small mesh ensheathes her feet and legs
right up to the patellas, and I
nibble at the opaque reinforcements,
the weave that closes the mesh at your toes.
Even more bait---
Her curves---beckons me. Her fulsome embrace
pulls me from the shallows of my self.
Her bared breasts
offer me the sustenance of satiety
in the promise of plenteous nectar,
southward in the garden of her beauty.




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patriciajj's picture

I was certainly swept away by

I was certainly swept away by your clever string of metaphors leading up to the particularly stunning last line. Nectar . . . southward . . . garden . . . that's some magic. 

Starward's picture

Thank you.  This, again, was

Thank you.  This, again, was a doubtful poem at first, but your comment has validated my decision to post it.  Thank you, for this, and your other comments, that have made my day.