ReContoured: She Muses Euripides' Andromeda, Act II

A loud sound like a sonic boom is heard from offstage. After a
moment, Perseus enters barefoot. He releases Andromeda from
her bondage, and they both sit down on the rockfloor; close enough
that they appear to be already a couple.. The Chorus, silent at first,
watches closely.


ANDROMEDA; Thank you for setting me at liberty.
But this is not the safest place for you
to visit, for the monster Cetus will
rise, reeking of dead fish, from the sea's depth
having been promised me as its next meal.
PERSEUS:  Why linger here, then?

ANDROMEDA:                                    Because if I flee,
my father might select some other girl---
curvacious because that shape most offends
his rather biased sensibilities---
in order to fulfill his promise to
PERSEUS: But the solution is to slay

Cetus, and spare you from this penalty.

A monster will fee on you, but a man---
if he is truly masculine and couth---
will worship you each moment of his life.
And may I say, meaning no disrespect
to you, your father is quite misinformed.
Curvacious beauty is the sum and peak
of femininity and pulchritude.

ANDROMEDA: That is the second time that I have heard
that word,
EURIPIDES: That is one of poetry's thrills---
the use of certain unexpected words .
But please proceed to talk among yourselves.
CHORUS: Perhaps we should withdraw and leave them to
their privacy; that would be courteous.
EURIPIDES: That is a good suggestion at this time.


As Euripides appears to scribble something, the Chorus, only, withdraws.


ANDROMEDA: Please tell me who you are, and why you came
to free me from the rock, and kill Cetus
before he takes me to his stinking gut.
PERSEUS: I am Perseus; I saw you from the air,
and noticed your distinct beauty at once.
I know that you are more than your fine shape---
the soul that is therein enfleshed calls to
my soul, and so I simply could not pass
by this choice opportunity to meet
you and to get to know you better now.
Cetus is just a minor irritant.
ANDROMEDA: You have my full attention, Perseus.
PERSEUS; To hear my name upon your lips is such
a privilege; your beauty in my gaze compels
all my thought to you. Would I be uncouth
to ask you, only if you are willing,
to let me kiss you? That is the first tier
of my desire, if I may put it thus.
ANDROMEDA: I think my answer is quite obvious. 


Andromeda leans in to kiss Perseus---a slow, very passionate
display of affection. Then, in a very smooth transition, he kneels
to kiss her bare feet---repeatedly and ardently.


PERSEUS: My plan was not to kiss only your lips.
ANDROMEDA: My plan is if and when the right time comes,
you will desire to kiss my whole body.
PERSEUS: With lips---tongue---hands---I will gratefully trace
your curves . . . when your permission is bestowed.


Their bare feet touch . . . intentionally.  This appears to excite both.

ANDROMEDA: Perhaps, soon, we will both ascend the tiers
of mutual desire until we reach
the peak of pleasure that will consummate
the ultimate expression of real love.
I long to take all of you to myself,
with slow, deliberate expression of
the pleasure that bring me, even now.
PERSEUS: You surely own me, now, Andromeda.
But look yonder at that enormous shape
rising out of the sea. Is that Cetus?
ANDROMEDA: Yes, that is Cetus, seeking its next meal.
PERSEUS: Will you excuse me, just a little while?
I left my sword and shield, and winged sandals
a little way over there, so as not
to show them off, and not to startle you.
ANDROMEDA: You are too beautiful to startle me.
PERSEUS: No one has ever called me beautiful.
I need to make quick work of Cetus' death,
then to return for more of your sweet words.
ANDROMEDA: Yes, hurry back.
PERSEUS:                                Oh, you can count on that.


Perseus kisses her lips ardently and then kneels to kiss, as ardently,
her bare feet. Then, with a lingering look, he exits, as she smiles
after him.  The Chorus returns.


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patriciajj's picture

I'm loving this concept--the

I'm loving this concept--the dreamy realm with all its mythological splendor, passionate dialogue worthy of legends, the lurking monster . . . a cliff hanger! Just great reading and a much needed escape from here. 

Starward's picture

Thank you very much.  I hope

Thank you very much.  I hope to conclude it in the next couple of days.