ReConfigured: Parallel Lines Postulates, 2, Lady Contentment And Lady Coypool, Youthful Encounter

Put your stockinged feet on those curvacious melons;
tease their stem-tips with a slow, deliberate glide.



Amazing: the frictive effect of your stockings
can change the respirations, and the sounds of sighs.



This is an exciting expression and experience,
not the excess of experiment as old prudes accuse.



Now gently probe the flowers dampening petals;
the opaque reinforcements at your toes provide a soft caress.



The petals will part with instinctive delight
to disclose the small, tight bud uppermost within them.



High hedges hard against even higher stone walls
prevent the prospect of perverts' peers.



With your opaquely soft-sheathed toes, trace the petals' edges,
and caress the emerging bud with the gentlest flex.



The flood of nectar will begin to flow---your reward;
your toes, in their reinforcements, will become entirely drenched.



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