ReConfigured: Lady Contentment And Lady CoyPool, 4

Lady Contentment told me once,
"We met together to tint each other's hair;
"hers magenta, and mine cerulean.
"We did not care about the dictates

"of fashion magazines that had
"already condemned, or mocked, or sneered
"at all curvacious women;
"in the shadow of that, was does tinted hair matter?

"Only partly clad for that,
"we decided, afterward, that the
"summer air was just a bit too warm
"for clothing, so we removed what was left.

"Neither of us, then, were involved

"with steady lovers at that time.

"We had been friends since forever, it seemed;

"we could even disagree without argument.

"We were a circular, curvacious island

"amid a toxic, polluted, chilly lake of haters.

"Kisses and caresses led to more ardent
"movement, and soft sighs became loud moans.
"And, sometime during that, Lady CoyPool

"said, 'Here is a paradox:

"'although the weather is hot, we can become
"'even more comfortably hot by putting

"'on our matching, stripey, thigh-high socks . . . .'"



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