Taking The Name Of An Evil Man

Taking the name of an evil man,
he thinks his brimstone rants really can
retrieve souls he believes are doomed to hell.
And when he gets there he will have much to tell.
Christ sent Apostles forth to preach salvation
with little, if any, emphasis on damnation.
To make the message infernal is mockery
of Christ's death, and that is blasphemy;
and unrepented it yields a destiny,
for the speaker, of hellfire eternally.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This man, with whom I am unfortunately acquainted, says he comes down on sinner like a hammer---an allusion to "Comrade" Molotov, who sent thousands of people to their death during the Stalinist era.

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the irony being that the

the irony being that the unrighteous will get into Heaven sooner than the self righteous

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That'a for sure!  Thanks for

That'a for sure!  Thanks for the comment.


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Amen and amen to this! To use

Amen and amen to this! To use fear-based tactics to "save" souls is a perversion of everything Christ stood for. I love the allusion to Molotov: perfect. A powerful and personally relevant indictment of those holier-than-thou sham-preachers.  

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Thank you.  I sometimes

Thank you.  I sometimes wonder if an analogy exists between the brimstone preachers, and the old Soviet communist party with its use of fear to motivate the nasses of people.  I read somewhere that the estimated number of political murders and executions in the Soviet Union far exceded the total number of people killed in German concentration camps and killed in battle on the German defensives.  Some years ago, I read Molotov's memoirs (translated; I have no languages other than about ten words of Biblical Greek), and he showed no remorse at any time for all those murders.  Molotov and Stalin learned from Lenin that claiming that their victims were enemies of the Party allowed the executions to slide by without any pangs of conscience, since preservation of the Party was of paramount concern.