ReContoured: She Muses A Time When Spacewalks Are Recreational [Mature Only, Please]

I have a little time to spend before we meet.
The automated observatory
is only a backpack's thrust away---
its single chamber quite accomodating
to amorous plans of clandestine couples.
And robots do not gossip on this mission.

The earth's curvature is so beautiful
from this perspective. I hope you will find
my curves attractive---at least your profile
suggested that hope to me as I read it.

Some people believe the mythic planet Theia
collided with Gaia millions of years ago.
The word collision is too violent a term---
at least in my imagination which, in this brief time,
has complete creative control of the scene.


I should like to think of them as two curvacious girls,
naked except, perhaps, for their socks---
this is my fantasy; none need agree
because I imagine it anachronistically:
one pair lavender, the other metallic blue.
No, not a collision, but the gentle thrashing
of two bodies compelled by a single desire
for pleasure---the kind only they can share;
the breathless wandering of lips and tongues,
hands and even feet (again this thought process
is mine to direct without some prudish interference;

I mean that for those who might be listening in);
the sound of soft sighs transformed to loud moans,
and giggles that become promises of love.

And from this collaboration that leads to mutual bliss,
the merge of two bodies into one soul shared
during this delicate time together,
the moon arises, dancing through its phases
to celebrate its origin from
this obvious first, exploratory crush.


Now you have left the space station,
and the hundreds there will not begrudge us
these few moments of intimate privacy.
I am naked (well, almost) within this
spacewalk suit (as I hope you are within yours):
my curves are yours to trace and tease:
ripened melons and nectared flowers will
sustain our passion unto utter exhaustion.


And yes, only almost naked because 

I remembered to wear my deep-blue socks.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is meant as science fiction.  The identity of the speaker's lover, who is soon to tryst with her, is open to the reader's imagination.

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