ReConfigured: Older But Not Our Elder, 1

"To thee particularly and to all the Volsces
Great hurt and mischief:  thereto witness . . ."
---William Shakespeare, Coriolanus, Act IV, Scene 5


She said, "Of nuance you are quite oblivious;

'Of true erotic feeling too incredulous;
"toward others' artistry smug and impervious.
"The senseless gist of what you always have tp say
"is superficial:  condom-clad in some cliche.
"And with yourself, alone, you seem to be well pleased.

"Your soul is warped, dull, shallow, ruptred and diseased."


These are the truths Lady Contentment told her:
never an elder to us, although older.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Recalcitrance in the extended family.  Although I do not like to change meters in a poem (I learned my lesson in another poem, Mayerling, posted elsewhere on postpoems), I chose the twelve syllable line, which plods along, like comments from the relative addressed by Lady Contentment; while the last lines, about Lady Contentment, use iambic pentameter.

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