Psychotic break

Yea I be that nigga messiah and grim reaper but I don't want to be that although you know that I be that a stunner like stone cold can't see me like john cena. The Jesus of suburbia and yes I am a sinner this a motherfuckin stick up. Be grateful that I'm here, behold. I cured your hiccups. I hate unfaithful bitches and those that abuse the saints. I hate there are still nazis our brothers have died in vain. I hate that all religions are mixtures in lack of faith. I hate that we're called crazy they say it's our mental health. They don't, know the reason or demons we keep at bay. They don't know the energy it takes for us not to break. I hate that this country to others it's being sold. I hate that our leaders run shit like a tv show. I hate that north korea that nigga is just for show. I hate that without money then nothing gets done at all.

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