A Day Of Doom Or Is It

There will be one day,

a day of doom,

for all who see it in

that gloom.

Is only for your heart's

not right,

in the presence of

His sight.

So when you think that

day of gloom,

then do you see

life doomed.

On that day judgement

filed your destiney.

So it's not to late

turn your heart to thee.

Those who knows

Mercy's name,

shines in glory in

His fame.

When you focus on that day,

and see the peace within,

then do you know your heart

you truly given him.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

omg.. so lovel and great poem is this one too.. love your poetry ..yeah.. intersting and heart knocking ... hope we exchange ideas and be in touched and share comments.. wiating for your more sweet words dear poetess