We started in August, 

on a sunshining airport,

our life's kind of met.

I was giving you a hand,

prepared for an handshake

but you grabed my heart instead.


The summer was over,

but the heat still was burning 

when you left Me alone again.

We met up in Vienna,

on cold snowy paths,

drinking coffe and wasting day by day.


As the months kept on passing,

I was feeling it drastic 

my life was changed in every way.

You never stayed with me,

but never really left me 

and I was torn but couldn't say. 


Now one year is over,

what great adventures

we both have and had. 

and sometimes I'm sad,

to think of all the things I'm missing

not being with you. 


Now one year is over,

I still can't believe it

what happened with the days? 

and sometimes I'm happy 

to think of all the things we're doing

being bound as friends that way. 




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