Give Me Up, Take Me Down

The threads that hold us tight, begin to slowly unwind.

We knew it wouldn't last but didn't know how long it would take.

The breeze holds me back, signs of peaceful attack.

This window of time holds the glass that never wants to break.

As we float peacefully in the sea of tranquility,

I despise the silence held between you and me.


My wings are being ripped apart, I guess that its okay. 

I didn't learn my lesson, I should have ran away. 

I paint a bigger picture just to watch it fall apart,

I should've known to break you like you did to my heart.

That smile on your face tells me you agree,

But you don't see me at all, you stare right through me.

The red in your eyes tell me all I need to know,

You say you're done with everything yet never let go.