I started,

The blade scraped across my flesh,

And the blood was drawn,

A smile crossed my face.

I kept going,

The gashes got deeper,

There was more blood,

A laugh pushed passed my lips.

I couldn't stop,

More cuts all up my arms,

Much more blood,

There was no more room.

I was lost,

There were cuts and scratches down my legs,

Messages carved into my skin,

My reality disappeared.

I was caught,

People started to notice the wounds,

So deep they needed stitches,

Though no longer bleeding.

I needed help,

They took away my razor,

I felt the emotional pain again,

I couldn't take it.

I stopped,

No more blood upon these arms,

The blade no longer created wounds,

Never will I smile like that again.

This isn't the end,

Soon I know that these arms will scar again,

And I will be happy,

Because one day I'm going to cut too deep...

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foxgloves's picture

Ah. This could be my story.
This poem expresses me completely.
This is one of my favorites.