God's Puppets


I won't take pity in your disbelieving; it only breaks your soul

It will not harm me any further... The pain that was once, no more.

Greedy fingers picking wounds in search for deep salvation

The gates are opening to a newborn hell, death gives invitation

Blood red snow now fills their lungs with droplets of acid rain

No longer do I feel your agony of burning desired pain

I take away what I give in, in search for something new

But all I found was a useless life, all secrets left untrue

Abide the will of a magic hand that refuses to give up its blade

Wait all day for patience pays off in the end of our crusade

Rupturing voices explode in the mist of intense and utter hell

No god can save us from this moment of a demon's fury spell

Lock up your doors, do what you will, for you cannot be saved

The devil has taken his promise land of torture and the enslaved

Our world of greed, importance and "life" is his doing of destroy

For in the eyes of all mankind, we will always be god's toy...

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foxgloves's picture

I FUCKING LOVE THIS! It's my favorite. Definently.

Dan Wilson's picture

Seems like something you would hear from a black metal band. lol