Common Hardship

I see you walk down the hallway

Staring at the ground dully

When you lean your head up you give a weak smile

I can see the pain in your bleak eyes

You look like all the happiness was whipped out of your brain

Who knows what happened to make you feel this way

But every once in a while I feel the same

Could it be those boys who push you around all day?

Or the girls who gang up on you in the hallways?

Could it be the reason behind the bruises you try so hard to hide?

Or is it because the track marks on your arms are killing your small ounce of pride?

I have tried to understand your side

But you make that hard to do

When all you do is lie

I have been by your side since junior high

Don’t keep telling me you’ll get by

It’s hard out there and I know your tongue tied 

But you need to decide what you want for YOUR life

Don’t let yourself be denied by the world because of how you feel inside

Let me guide you towards help

And help will be supplied

Together side by side we can go worldwide

And help those who feel alone inside

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem originally for a scholar ship, but I want it to be read by more people because I'm proud of it (:

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Did You

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