Mother Father Why

Those things you’d say that’d creep around my head

Stabbed me in the heart and torn me apart

Why would someone you love, love to hurt you so much

I ask myself everyday the strangest things

Because of what you've done to me

Why give birth to a child your going to abandon

Emotionally then physically

So mother, father can you tell me whats wrong with my mind

You are.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this out of anger.

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Parental Expectations

They fight their own demons. The goal is not to let theirs become yours - striking out new requires courage - I did. I did some stuff and helped a few people along the way - Excellence is the goal, you won't be it always but if you hit it a few times, it really makes the ego smile. So smile it off - anger only hurts the anger wielder. Let it roll of - visualize water in a shower drainward. That is where anger should go. Unavoidable, but disposable :D