Who do you think you are?
Coming in my life and starting a war
It's not a battle of love
In fact it's a battle of drugs
You stole me from my family
Pushed me to insanity
Well, now look at me
I've won

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Though I'm young I was raised oddly. I've already battled drugs, but I've won. This is my poem of success.

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really good and to the point.

really good and to the point. it's powerful and redeeming kinda.

good on you for getting your shit together too. it's absolutely horrific beyond what most people can comprehend to get straight and even TRYING much less succeeding requires more strength than most people are capable of comprehending much less following through with.

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Thank you.

This was one of my first poems I wrote so It's short and to the point, but thank you for seeing that it's not completely pointless(: and yes drugs are devastating, I'm proud of myself for getting off that path because all it holds is loneliness, desperation, and hate. I try to tell a lot of my family this, but they're convinced that drugs are the only way of living.

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that's because people are

that's because people are deluded and in order to change they need to pretty much be hit by a car/train/vehicle that gets the point across the most to want to change.