Close your eyes

Even in my dreams

There are no angels in the sky

Just sparks from all the dying stars

And there are no mermaids in the seas

Just sinking men with too many scars

Afraid of their tears

Even in my dreams

There are no mountains I can climb,

just dark holes to hide myself in

And there are no fireflies to chase,

just burning ashes of what has been

Things I can’t erase

Even in my dreams

There’s no such thing as make-believe,

just fantasies of all the weak

And there is no hope in fairy-tales,

just a truth that no-one can speak

When all knowledge fails

Even in my dreams

There are no dragons I can slay,

just monsters that I can’t escape

And dreams, well they never come true,

just nightmares from which I can’t wake

Even in my dreams

I am through.

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

Damn, this is quite heavy to digest.