Lata Mangeshkar

Dilip Kumar

And Muhammad Ali

The human nightingale

The actor king of tragedy

And the best boxer that ever lived.

May God Almighty the Greatest

Bless them all with health and life

Increase their living years on earth

So that I may not be struck by grief

Like million others out there like me

Ameen, Amen, So may it be

O God Merciful Almighty.

In Lata's sweet singing

I find and accept

What William Shakespeare said:

"In sweet music is such art

"Killing care and grief of heart

"Fall asleep or hearing die..."

In Dilip's acting

I find the legend's art

At the pinnacle of excellence.

Never have these eyes and heart of mine

Seen such an actor or performer

Who lives his role and becomes it.

And to what to say about Ali

My very own favourite Muhammad Ali

The boxer who outshines all the rest

That ever stepped inside a boxing ring.

No one can even come close to him

As a boxer in style, wit and form

He rules caring not for hate or scorn

Aye he is what only he can be

The best of the best for centuries.

May these three legends live on

For more and more, more and more

Healthy, happy and carefree

Spreading love, music and joy

Enriching art around the world

And giving hope to generations.

I love you all O my living legends

And from the depths of my heart and soul I say:

May God the Greatest grant me my wish

And may you live on to regale forever more...

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