The she-devil

Who ruined my life's youth

Balks at me yet once again.

She walked off

With venom and spite

In her envious evil heart.

My children

And I said no word

As she left us haughtily.

Her greed sought

More and more just like

The fabled fisherman's wife.*

God gave her

When she lived with us

The best home and family.

Yet her greed

Always wanted more

So she left us all alone.

Yet quietly

We managed ourselves

Three little children and I.

Our daughter

Our sweet, adorable Hiba

Wept and wept for mother's love.

Her tears moved

Me very much and I

Donned the mother's role as well.

We moved well

Me and my children

United and lovingly.

Seasons changed

Summer became spring

And we made home a heaven.

And when we

Welcome happiness

Everyday into our lives.

The she-devil

Wants to come back now

Saying she wants to return.

No door now

Is open for her

So say my children and I.

Seven years

She didn't even care

To find out how we all are.

So we pray

My children and I

Let God keep us safe from her.

For her likes

Her likes -- the she devils

There is damnation everywhere.

I forgive

Her devilish ways

But no way can she return

To destroy

My life yet once more

Nor the joys of my children.

I am good

But if evil dares to strike me again

I wont think twice to ward it off... forever

And with God Almighty's help I will...

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POSTED ON MAY 28, 2010.

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